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What can I expect during an uncontested divorce?

You and your spouse have finally realized your marriage is over, and it is time to figure out what to do next. You have disputes, but you want to avoid a court battle if possible. You might consider what many other Alabama residents have done and get an uncontested divorce. Are there benefits to an uncontested divorce, and how does it work?

Uncontested divorce is also known as amicable divorce. This does not necessarily mean you and your spouse will get along throughout the process. After all, you might not be getting a divorce if you had no conflicts. An uncontested divorce simply provides a way to resolve your conflicts in a more timely and cost-effective manner, as well as being less stressful and contentious. However, you and your spouse will need to actively work to minimize the conflict for this method to be effective.

3 injuries that take time to appear after a car accident

It appears as though car accidents are only becoming more commonplace in Alabama. An article from the University of Alabama found that the number of fatal collisions in the state increased by a quarter between 2015 and 2016. 

Most car accidents do not result in a fatality, but they can cause serious injuries. Anyone involved in a crash should see a doctor immediately. This is an important step even if the person feels all right. There are several health problems that take time to develop, and people should receive a proper diagnosis as soon as possible. 

Pedestrian safety: how to avoid being a crash victim

Walking is a risk-free activity, right? Not exactly. Being a pedestrian can be downright dangerous, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA reports that in 2015, 5,376 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States. In Alabama, 98 pedestrians died in traffic crashes.

In addition, nearly 129,000 pedestrians nationwide were treated in emergency departments for non-fatal, crash-related injuries in 2015.

Growing concern for lawn mower safety

Summer provides the unique pleasure - or chore - of mowing the lawn. For those less inclined to take on the task themselves, it's easy to find a teenager in the neighborhood willing to do the job for a fair price. However, homeowners and parents of teens should be aware of the unique dangers lawn mowing can present. How can we balance safety with the enjoyment of a fresh cut lawn?

What the injury statistics say

How to avoid reckless driving accidents

Any time we get in our cars and start to drive, there is some level of risk of a car crash. Though you cannot control other people's driving behaviors, there are ways to check the safety of your own driving and avoid reckless drivers who could endanger you and your passengers.

Here are 3 tips for avoiding reckless driving and watching for others' dangerous behaviors:

5 important steps to take after a car accident

Between driving the kids to after school activities, getting groceries and stopping for gas, another driver could easily hit you. Usually you don't see the crash coming. One moment you are driving and the next you have been hit. Getting into a car accident is jarring, especially if you have children in the car. You might be in a state of shock or confusion, but you will need to make sure that you take the right steps after an accident.

1. Call 911 and check for injuries

It is recommended that you call 911 after a car accident no matter what. If anyone is injured then make it a priority to call for help. If you have family in the vehicle then check them over carefully for injuries. If they appear injured then try not to move them unless it is necessary. Even if no one is injured, still call the police. An officer can come to the scene and write a neutral police report which could be used to support your claim against the driver that hit you.

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